Welcoming the World's Seafarers

Registered Charity Number 286078

Port of Bristol Seafarers Centre
  1. Be a Center Volunteer

    Help out in the shop, greeting Seafarers

  2. Be a Volunteer Driver

    Collecting Seafarers from Avonmouth - bring them to the Centre, or take them shopping, or to places of interest

Port of Bristol Seafarers Centre.

Our Trustees are Sailors' Society, Mission to Seafarers

and Apostleship of the Sea.

Our team includes:

Centre Manager -

Adrian Ente (supported by Volunteers).

Three Chaplains -

Steve Loader (Sailors' Society & Counties) 

Monsignor  Noel Mullin (AOS)

Rev Jerry Hellier (MtoS)

Chaplains are supported by Volunteer Ship Visitors

Our Mission


Port of Bristol Seafarers Centre provides support to seafarers visiting Portbury and Avonmouth


We aim to promote the spiritual, moral and physical well-being of seafarers and their families, and other sea travellers, who cannot benefit from the normal means of pastoral care, without distinction of creed or nationality. Achieved by the maintenance of the Port of Bristol seafarers centre and ship visiting.

Who We Are