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Steve Loader’s Chaplain’s Corner – 21.02.19


Did you know it has been 42 years since the King died? No not George V1, I mean Elvis Presley! I’ve always felt sad how his life was cut short and that with the right support and encouragement he may have remained with us for many more years. But one thing is certain his music lives on. 

John Lennon’s famous quote sums up what many feel about Elvis’s influence on the 20thCentury music scene: ‘Before Elvis, there was nothing!’

So it’s with no surprise that there has been an Elvis music festival happening in Bristol recently with the winning act going to the world championship in Memphis.

We call Elvis the King only out of our acknowledgement for his contribution to music. He wasn’t really a King. He didn’t rule a Kingdom and didn’t wear a crown..as far as I know?

Crowns have always been a sign of authority and Kingship. Richard the Lion Heart’s crown had to be held each side of him because it was so heavy. Queen Elizabeth crown is worth millions of pounds. Edward 2nd had over nine crowns!

But there is one crown that outshines them all. It wasn’t put together by a skilled craftsman, but by the rough hands of Roman soldiers. It wasn’t placed on Jesus head by pomp and ceremony but in mockery and ridicule. It is the Crown of Thorns.

Queen Victoria once said that; ‘If Jesus returns in my lifetime I will gladly lay my crown at his feet!’