​If you want to go shopping or to any other local place, we may be able to arrange transport using our Centre Minibus. (NOTE: THIS FACILITY IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS)

You can also arrange your own transport by calling for a Taxi.  If you use a Taxi you will need to pay the driver using British Pounds (£) and you may exchange your Dollars or Euros for Pounds in the Centre before you leave.

You will also need British Pounds (£) to pay for items in shops, restaurants, pubs etc.  Make sure you change your Dollars and Euros before you leave.

Here are some useful phone numbers:


HS Taxis

0781 444 0596 

Red 7's

Phone: 01275 77 77 77

Local Takeaway Delivery

Portishead Kebabs/Burgers/Pizzas

Phone: 01275 84 90 07

Phone: 07950 451 598


Order Online: www.portisheadkebab.co.uk

To order food for delivery you will need to pay by credit/debit card when you order.  If you have any problems ordering, please speak to someone in the Centre who can assist you.

Please note: When ordering food for delivery there is an additional charge of £2 for delivery, a minimum order value of £15, and also, the Delivery Driver may NOT be able to deliver direct to your ship, therefore arrangements for pick up of the food must be made at the time of ordering.

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