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What is the ivittamobile SIM card

The iVittamobile SIM Card is a global SIM with affordable calls and texts worldwide exclusively available to Seafarers.

Can I use any handset?

Any handset can be used as long as it is unlocked and has 2G or 3G capability.

How do I make a call?

iVittamobile uses the call back method.

Dial your destination number using the full international dialling code and place a # at the end of the number (ie 0063 1234567#). The phone screen will tell you to please wait for callback
Our network will call you back, please answer this call. Once you have answered the call our network will connect you to your destination number.

If you cannot connect from the network the phone is roaming on, try selecting an alternative network using manual network selection within the phone’s Settings menu.

What network does the iVittamobile SIM Card use?

iVittamobile SIM Cards can be used on most networks as it’s interconnected with 650 global GSM networks.

If you ever have trouble getting connected (if, for example, you have a weak signal) it is often worth manually selecting another network on your mobile using the network select function, normally found in your phone’s settings.

Where can I find the Roaming SIM/SIM Services Menu on my phone?

The Roaming SIM Menu/SIM Services is the gateway to a number of services. When the iVittamobile SIM Card is put into a phone it will create a Roaming SIM Menu/SIM Services somewhere on the phone.

The Roaming SIM Menu/SIM Services appears in a different place on each mobile phone brand (we have no control over this).

Once the iVittamobile SIM Card is inserted into the phone, the Roaming SIM Menu/SIM Services will appear.

Below are examples of the best places to find the Roaming SIM Menu/SIM Services:

Alcatel Menu
Blackberry Set-up
iPhone SIM Applications
LG Menu
Motorola Main Menu
Nokia Menu
Nokia – (newer models) Tools
Samsung Menu
Sony Ericsson Entertainment Application

How can I send a text message?

Go to the Roaming SIM/SIM Services Menu and select the send SMS option
Insert the full international destination number
Type the text message and send the message


How do I top up?

To top up, dial *123* enter PIN No # (send)

How do I check my balance?

Dial *124# (send) and your current balance will be sent to you.

How do I find my number?

To find your number, dial *100# (send)

What is the preferred network in the USA?

All users should perform a manual search and select T-Mobile as this gives the best coverage in the USA.

Can I top up online?

Yes, click here to top up online

Can anyone buy the iVittamobile SIM Card?

Absolutely not, we have negotiated low rates based upon the SIMs only being available to Seafarers.

Are text messages across the world charged at a fixed rate?

Yes, text messages are charged at 10 US cents through the SMS lite facility. Incoming text messages are free of charge to receive.

Does the iVittamobile SIM Card have an expiry date? If so, what is it?

SIMs are no longer registered to the network if not used for 6 months. We keep all SIMs live for a period of 6 months from the last call and SMS usage and at that stage we remove them from our network, we do this as we have a cost to keep SIMs active and at some stage we need to assume that a customer is not returning.

Occasionally crew return to sea after a longer period and our policy is inconvenient, however without it we could not keep rates as we do. If your SIM has expired, you will need to acquire a new SIM and if you had a previous balance on the SIM we can get the balance transferred onto your new SIM. You can purchase a SIM online at www.ivittamobile.com/buy-a-sim

How do I send an SMS to an iVittamobile SIM?

Please dial 00338 and then the iVittamobile number without the 0 in front.

How do I contact Customer Care?

For any issues, please email support@ivittamobile.com