Every year the Centre delivers hundreds of Christmas present boxes and bags to as many Seafarers visiting our Ports at Portbury and Avonmouth, as we possibly can.  This is only made possible by all you wonderful people donating items, filled boxes and cash. 

We have recently been asked what type of items we use as Christmas Gifts,  as many Groups, Churches and individuals enjoy making up boxes or donating items.  We would ask that any items for Christmas please be new, or as new, items - any other goods which are "used" are placed in the Centre for visiting Seafarers to take away at their leisure.

Items we normally include in the boxes and bags are Shower Gel, Shampoo, Body Spray, Deodorant, Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Comb, Wash Cloth, Socks, Gloves, Playing Cards, Note Book, Pen, Chocolate, Nuts, Biscuits.  In the case of foodstuffs, these would need a long "use by" date possibly into the following year.  Even one item is gratefully received as we can add it to other items to make a package.

If you would like to create a Christmas Gift for a Seafarer bags may be used, if in wrapped boxes please ensure that the lid is wrapped separately.  We are happy to receive your unwanted gifts as donations, as everything is passed on to the Seafarers.

If you have anything you would like to donate, please contact us at the Centre before you embark on your journey, to ensure that someone will be there to receive you.

Thank you!

Safety during Covid Pandemic

The Centre delivered over 800 gift packages to ships in Portbury and Avonmouth for Christmas 2021.  Many items and gift boxes were donated by Groups and individuals, for which we are extremely grateful.  We also received donations of cash from various sources which enabled us to purchase items to include in the gift bags, which the Chaplains kindly delivered to each ship as they arrived in Port.  Everyone on board received a Christmas Gift, and they all expressed their pleasure and gratitude for the thoughtfulness of all concerned.  We also had some very nice messages from the crews, thanking everyone for the gifts and their happiness that people were thinking of them.

The Centre is pleased to announce that in 2021 it was confirmed that QVSR (Queen Victoria Seamen's Rest) will proceed with the transfer of the Port of Bristol Seafarer's Centre into its organisation.  This will hopefully, ensure the ongoing smooth operation of the Centre and its assistance to the many Seafarers visiting both Portbury and Avonmouth Ports in Bristol. 

A furry visitor to the Centre! 

Despite being a very difficult year, with the Centre being closed periodically, we have managed to serve those Seafarers in need of a welcome place to visit and recharge, providing them with sim cards and snacks and purchases and a friendly face on land.  The Centre has many measures in place for the health and safety of its visitors, including hand sanitizer stations, a free face mask to those who need one, we still ask that face masks please be worn when inside the Centre, although this is not compulsory.  As restrictions have been eased, we are pleased to say that the Centre has been returned to its normality, therefore you may use the pool table, TV, X-Box and relax and socialise.


The Port and theSeafarers' Centre has a policy of NO ALCOHOL, therefore we are unfortunately unable to sell any alcohol in the shop.  Similarly, alcohol must NOT be consumed in any area of the Port or the Centre.  If you travel to buy alcohol this can only be consumed away from the Port or if your Captain allows it, on your ship.

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The Centre held its Remembrance Service at 11:00 on Friday 12th November 2021.  The Service was led by Fr. Jeremy Hellier (Mission to Seafarers)  with readings from Rev.  Astrid Tiesema-Samson (local Vicar) Steve Loader - Chaplain (Sailors Society)  and Peter Morgan - Chaplain (Stella Maris)  The Service had good attendance by Port Authorities, Police and Port Workers and refreshments were available after the service.​​

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